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Saturday15 May 2021

CMS Support

We support several CMS offerings that run on Apache. As administrators we love Joomla! for content management with addon features and flexibility there is nothing out there that comes close. Whether you are building a simple 5-10 page site or a online magazine, we think Joomla provides a great base to build on and easily make updates and add new features. Our staff understand the system and can help you build a site using it as your CMS.

Whether you install the basic system or choose a template from one of the many template clubs out there, we can help you get the system installed and configured. We encourage our customers to choose a template from one of the recomended template clubs, for the added support and learning features they offer. In our support forum we provide links to documents and videos that can help you understand the system and links to additional support sites that are available.

For addons, we can provide recomendations of which are worth installing for your specific needs.

Other CMS platforms we support include Wordpress, Dupal, and Xoops. There are others out there that are suited to specific needs and have varying support and learning curves. They can be installed as well but are supported through the provider resources.

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